Macbook Repair Services

We excel in quick & perfect diagnostics, efficient and flawless repairs at the highest industry standards for the entire range of Apple products specially the screen replacement of all models of Iphones & Macbooks. we are often quoted…… 

Liquid Damage Repairs

Individuals accidentally & unintentionally spill or sprinkle water, lager, wine, juice, tea or espresso on their MacBook workstations that can cause genuine harm. Here, At Apple care centre, We take intensive care for any fluid spill harm fix… 

Macbook Battery Replacement

Irrespective of the fact that you may not be getting proper battery reinforcement because of your issue-influenced battery or connector, all you have to do is to carry it to us and leave the rest to us to find the issue that is preventing it,,, 

Keyboard Damage Repairs

Apple macbook keyboard repairs and replacement carried out to perfection level- Our certified Engineers at Apple care centre, who have excelled in their fields having years of expertise on servicing Apple products, …… 

Trackpad /Touchpad Repairs

The touch pad comprises of several layers of material. The top layer is the pad touched by you. Under the top layer, there are other layers (separated by very thin insulation) containing horizontal and vertical rows of electrodes….. 

Logic Card / Motherboard Repairs

Keanesf is run by the best professionals & engineers of the industry which the competition may never have witnessed. Our team carries a handful years of experience on repairing  motherboards of all apple gadgets on…… 

Magsafe Chargers Revived Here

These chargers seem to be pretty well-built and robust except for one glaring flaw: the shield on the dc side of the “brick” (ac/dc converter or rectifier) frays very easily, both near the connector and near the brick. 

Macbook Data Recovery

Almost everybody relies upon digital Gadgets in today’s world without much bothering about the safety of the data stored on them in different forms like pics, apps, contacts, accounts, passwords, documents and so on….