Mac Mini Repairs

Keanesf - Ipad repairing store in Delhi


Keanesf is run by the best professionals & engineers of the industry which the competition may never have witnessed. Our team carries a handful years of experience on repairing  motherboards of all apple gadgets on acute component level starting from iphones to Imacs, Mac- Mini & Mac-pro, additionally an ability of support roughly all electronic gadgets on hardware and software levels thus having an edge over all others.

We at Keanesf’s Apple Care Centre are totally geared up to undertake these kind of Challenging repair jobs with the support of highly qualified & certified engineers who not only excel on apple Mac Mini  repairs but also save you a lot of money in terms of replacements as often suggested by our competitors. We carry out chip level or component level repairs and can fix any Apple gadget by just replacing the components.  We have years of experience in the repairs of faulty electronic devices, and are now undoubtly the best Multi-gadget repair centre in Delhi. Our expertise relies upon our own proprietary methods which give us the ability to serve all kinds of customers starting from individuals, small business houses and large institutions.