Find Out Why Everyone Is talking about the best Apple repair centre in Delhi.

Nobody gets to the root cause of electronic component level repairs better than Keanesf.

In the iAge where given that most of the company policies are just replacement and not repairs for their products, Keanesf’s “APPLE CARE CENTRE” the brainchild of a young Gadget freak then, ‘30 years ago’ was born out of the desire to fix & mend what was entirely denied by others and that was what led people to Keanesf. Keanesf brought a revolution that changed the way consumers perceive “repairs” by providing services that are beyond imagination or at par with those provided by the parent companies or renowned business houses occasionally. The same legacy is being carried forward in the shape of a first of its kind online-service-store called “KEANESF” where even better techniques are being applied and implemented by OUR DIRECTOR (TECHNICAL) SHRI NAKUL BHALLA, TIME AND AGAIN, and UNDER WHO’S ABLE GUIDANCE OUR ENGINEERS ARE TRAINED TO PERFECTION FOR PRECISELY APPLE SUPPORT. AND WHO HAS BEEN APPRECIATED BY MR. JEFF WILLIAMS (COO) APPLE INC. USA IN PERSON AT OUR CENTRALIZED SERVICE CENTRE IN DELHI.

Our main interface with our esteemed customers is built over 30 years of trust and a growing clientele, just because When big giant companies like Apple or Samsung or others said: “We just can’t”, and advised a change or swapping, Keanesf said: “We can” whether the product was physically damaged or water damaged or was assumed dead beyond repairs like the one above. Keanesf has changed the perception of the way the people think about service & repairs and are really horrified by the way the gadgets are handled by the unqualified and the un-professionals.

We are always one step ahead of the competition, be it the marketing strength or our creative geeks (Certified Electronic Engineers) who can do some amazing things with electronics and its applications and it shows when you avail our services on any high-tech product or have it repaired at Radioshack.

We have years of experience in the repairs of faulty electronic devices, and are now undoubtly the best Multi-gadget repair centre in Delhi. Our expertise relies upon our own proprietary methods which give us the ability to serve all kinds of customers.

Radioshack is run by the best professionals & engineers of the industry which, the competition may never have witnessed. Our team carries a handful years of experience with an ability of supporting roughly all electronic gadgets on hardware and software levels thus having an edge over all others.

We have now taken Repairs to the next level and to a more sophisticated, pleasant and accessible segment by privatising service and repairs at par with the original OEM branding standards.

We idealized and have now started working on Franchising of latest centralized, state-of-art fully computerized service centre in different parts of the country keeping in mind, the untapped need for accurate services & repairs in every part of India thus creating a wide knowledge hub from different streams, training the masses to perfection level of skills and also creating a huge employment in the every city of every state of India.

Keanesf with its farsightedness will now finally let the country have a customer oriented service & technical support company which will undoubtedly be the “Best innovation company” which will set an example for others to follow.